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Simpson Labs specialize in powders, packets and capsules

Simpson Labs specialize in powders, tablets and capsules

We can run large and small runs


Simpson Labs specialize in powders, packets and capsules with batch testing certification for each and every raw material we provide, to ensure purity and potency of the formulas we craft for you.

Our taste profiles are premiere to ensure the best flavors possible, guaranteeing that your customers will come back again and again.

We understand compliance; our FDA Registered and GMP Certified certifications validate our commitment to process and the level at which we comply.

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Operational Capacity

Custom Formulations or national brand equivalents

Innovative product packaging

Custom label & packaging design/In-house graphic design

High speed rotary tablet compression machines

High speed fully automatic encapsulation machines

High efficiency screening machines

FDA compliant large volume V blenders

Semi-Automated packaging lines

Cross-trained, multi-skilled work force

Dust-contained, flexible facility designed for ease of change over, short processing times, and overall cost control

Production Capacity

Tablet compression


Powder blending


Powder Filling



One Stop Shop

Simpson Labs “one-stop-shop” also provides fulfillment and logistics support, whether shipping internationally or drop-shipping to individual accounts.

Sourcing of Raw Materials

Danbury sources and supplies raw materials necessary in developing the point-of- difference formulas you’re looking for.


Brand Development

If label design is what you need, we have it, along with package design and copywriting expertise designed to craft the kind of consumer message necessary in turning over your product.