Sports Nutrition Has Become One of the Most Demanding Needs

Sports Nutrition Has Become One of the Most Demanding Needs

Sports nutrition has become one of the most demanding needs of the ever-growing sports and fitness-enthused population, and Simpson Labs in Valencia, California, is leading the charge.

Founder and CEO Eric Simpson began his continually amplifying career in 1998 working at a small dietary manufacturing company with only 10 employees. Beginning as a capsule operator, Eric learned from the proverbial ground up. He quickly advanced and launched his way to general manager. In 2005, Eric became the Vice President of Operations and was a major factor in the growth of the business, by 2013 to six facilities, managing more than 400 employees. Ever increasing his need for challenge, Eric moved forward to privately consult with other firms in need of his dynamics, which is what led him to where he is in his own Simpson Labs.

“Working with other companies after my departure made me realize how inconsistent customer service was: turnaround times for quotes, research and development, production – just so much that needed proper communication to thrive and grow, and first-rate customer service. After that, I had realized it was time to start my own manufacturing company,” Eric explains plainly.

“We here at Simpson Labs have very simple guidelines: Quality is number one. Give the customers exactly what they’re looking for. Do what you say you’re going to do!”

Simpson Labs produces for the sports nutrition industry in its cutting-edge, state of the art facility and supplies simply the best custom formulas and custom-flavoring systems, bar none. Protein formulations, meal replacements, pre-workout regimens, Branch Chain Amino Acid supplements, whey protein blends, vegan protein blends, general health and wellness as well as encapsulation, pharmaceutical grade bottling lines for capsules, tablets, and soft gels. Not to mention energy drink blends and other beverage bases which are all under the wide canopy of what Simpson Labs does, as well. And as CEO, Eric understands the never-ending need to grow a company with great magnitude and continual possibilities:

“Setting continual strategies and direction; modeling the company’s culture, values and behaviors; managing capital; always looking to the future for changing and advancing opportunities while interfacing between the employees, organization, and community, and always being on top of operations, with the incredible work and efforts of everyone at Simpson Labs, these are all part of what makes us the company to go to when sports nutrition is what you’re looking for.”